The implementation of 0A system project started Zhongyi machinery


  The implementation of 0A system project started Zhongyi machinery

     Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhong Yixuan) on November 6 in the afternoon, Zhongyi machinery held the OA system project to start the general assembly, to implement the full deployment of the OA system project implementation plan and task. This marks the Zhejiang Zhongyi machinery limited company 0A system implementation project has been fully open.


With the development and expansion of the Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd., at present the company has developed into 3 Dachang District has scale, were distributed in the city and the town of the three realms. Due to the scattered plant, and difficult to focus on the implementation of enterprise management and other aspects of a lot of inconvenience. To effectively improve the office efficiency, standardize work flow, enhance enforcement, fusion staff cohesion, Zhongyi machinery after comprehensive consideration and screening, decided to introduce Kingdee OA system, on three big factory full implementation of OA system project, and management.
Zhongyi machinery OA system implementation project, will be the spirit of "overall planning, step-by-step implementation of the principle of" within the company to fully open. Specific to the contents of the key approval process, e-mail management, notices, announcements, document management were the first stage of OA system project implementation, and company independent development of MIS system of account and OA system account integration and achieve the same operating platform. On this basis, and then a comprehensive expansion departments all process management, collaborative approval, integrated into the OA system, to achieve paperless office, the use of safe and efficient reimbursement process, the remote approval for reimbursement; complete remote video conference and project management, project monitoring execution condition of OA system project the second phase plan implementation.
It is reported that Zhongyi machinery of OA system of implementation of the project, from mid November to early basic data preparation, by the end of November the blueprint identified. By mid December to carry out the system installation, commissioning and training, for the end of 12 to carry out the project completion and acceptance.

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