Our three division held 8S management knowledge training


The newspaper news (special correspondent Zheng Linhua) in September 18 to 19, Zhongyi machinery division held three 8S management knowledge training. The Department of cadres and workers in the workshop focused on the training.
Zhongyi machinery Sanjie division is at the beginning of this year, the newly established a division, the production, processing, and other personnel from outside the city and the province and to the 8s management knowledge don't quite understand it. To strive to improve their understanding of 8s management the importance of knowledge, and conscientiously do a good job of "finishing, rectify, cleaning, cleaning, quality, safety, economy and learning consciousness to 8s management content, the Department promptly organized the the training.
Training, Sanjie division in seriously according to 8s management standards and requirements, in elucidating the well based on the 8s management work importance and the necessity, combined with internal production site, the present situation and the existing problems of the production workshop, which is currently 11 has carried on the analysis. Also in accordance with the standards of the 8s management proposed the management of tool cabinet, testing table, ground, product requirements, clear the tool cabinets, etc. in various parts of the display position, (e.g., tool cabinets, the upper left corner of the transparent plastic clip placed drawings and process documents, in the upper right corner of the place the measuring, checking fixture, placement tool workpiece is placed on the table, drawer and the cabinet below placed temporarily do not have the tools and other items).
After the training period and the end of the training, Sanjie department human resources department according to 8s management standards and requirements, every morning and afternoon, organize relevant personnel were examined if found to be inconsistent with the requirements of the 8s management, timely communication with the director of the workshop, and to further clarify the management requirements. After a period of operation, each workshop floor health, tool cabinets, testing platform and product placement and other basic requirements, the implementation of 8S management achieved initial results.

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