Our province actively carry out civilized unit re inspection welcome

办公室Source:中益机械 Date:2016-05-20

The newspaper news (reporter Zhong Yixuan) in recent days, the company under the joint efforts, actively carry out the provincial civilized unit assessment inspection welcome.
It is reported that our is the 2012 was the provincial government named as Zhejiang Province civilized units, up to now won the award has nearly two years. In accordance with the requirements to create a provincial civilized unit, every two years, provincial and Municipal Committee of civilization will be sent and in accordance with the provincial civilized unit standard to create units were civilized unit re evaluation assessment. Now the company provincial civilized unit reassessment soon to take practical action to meet the provincial and Municipal Committee of civilization of our provincial civilized unit reassessment, GMO as led the company departments to organize and coordinate, the reassessment of the provincial civilized unit were scrupulous planning and arrangements. On the one hand, in a timely manner to collect information on all aspects of the past two years to seriously write a summary of the work of the company to create a summary of the work, the relevant data related to truthfully fill. On the other hand, from the middle of March this year, the basic daily insisted on the production of 6S site management and inspection, and check out the issues in a timely manner to inform, and to make a deadline for rectification. Not only that, the company also has a monthly workshop with the monitor, the workshop director for the 6S site management scoring assessment, monthly rating generated 6S management advanced collective. Company subordinate the workshop is the company of provincial and civilized unit review and acceptance as part of the workshop, in the focus on value, yield, quality, delivery period, etc. based on, make full use of staff in the morning early, strengthen employees civilized etiquette and 6S management etc. knowledge propaganda and education, and do a grade level, layers of implementation. Thus, has effectively improved the overall quality of the staff, boosting the overall development of the company's two civilizations.

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